Introduction to the SSPD
The Society for Stimulus Properties of Drugs (SSPD) supports the use of drug discrimination methods and some related approaches in teaching and research on psychoactive drugs. Many of these drugs have medical uses in psychiatry and neurology, whereas others have no recognised medical uses but may be under development for such use, or are subject to abuse. Both licit and illicit substances are included. Membership of SSPD is open to individuals with Bachelor or higher degrees in relevant subjects and with a genuine interest in the field. 
One of the main aims of SSPD is the distribution, among scientists including members of the society, information concerning recent research in the field. The society organises annual meetings in the Unites States that are most often in the form of official satellites of the Society for Neuroscience. Every few years, SSPD has been involved in the organisation of international meetings that have often been in Europe; on several occasions the European meetings have been organised together with the European Behavioural Pharmacology Society. 
SSPD also arranges for publications based on the meetings to foster the widespread availability of scientific information regarding the stimulus properties of drugs. These publications are either edited books or special issues of journals. 
Further details about the SSPD, including its bylaws and membership application procedures, will be available elsewhere on this site. 
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